The best fast food restroom in America, pants down.

Every road trip junkie knows two distinct feelings: the pang of an empty stomach, and the pain of a full bladder. In the hot, freeway-crossed plains of America, those two feelings often coincide. Del Taco has always won at beating hunger; now it's time for them to take a stand on what happens afterwards.

Armed with hours of deep research and design, we propose that select Del Taco locations receive a full restroom renovation, making each a true Pit Stop Paradise. 

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Radio Spot - Meditation ('30)

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Introducing the Dyson Tacoblade - the world's fastest and most hygienic hand dryer, inside the world's most beloved food

The Pit Stop Paradise is designed for maximum privacy, comfort, and delight.

  • Relaxing music streams 24/7 throughout the room

  • Lights on stall doors indicate availability. Each door locks and unlocks automatically, eliminating the need for grimy handles

  • Air fresheners dispense a simple, ocean-breeze-taco scent every fifteen minutes

  • Single-piece sinks and appliances make cleaning a cinch

Surround Stall.jpg

Each stall and urinal in both wings of the Del Taco Pit Stop Paradise is outfitted with a 270° wraparound LED screen, which transports the user to the relaxing beach of their choice.

Embedded directional speaker plays custom ambience depending on the user's selected beach. This technology focuses sound onto a single area; no one outside the stall can listen in.

ADA compliance, taken up a notch. Each wheelchair-accessible stall has an automatic sliding door, bacteria-resistant grip bars, multiple options for adjusting sound and picture (see just below), and a personal sink+dryer combination.

Self-sealing and self-cleaning toilet helps reduce the spread of bacteria

User can control their Surround Stall with tap-sensitive foot pads

Bacteria-resistant backrest

Heated seat (aw yeah)

As if porcelain perfection weren't enough, each Pit Stop Paradise customer gets a free car air freshener, scented with a freshness and spice only Del Taco could provide.

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Designer: Shane Dawson

Art Director: Austin White

Copy: Dallin Slavens

Strategist - Rachel Langston