My pinkie and ring finger always hang out together. Because they're friends, not because of a tragic fall.

Never trust an art director with clean shoes.

Never trust an art director with clean shoes

Am I a Millenial? Gen Z? Eternal 90's Winnie the Pooh devotee? 

You can't see them but there are dozens of pen stains right here, I swear.

I never peg my legs, but c'mon, check out the sox.

You may have a big office, but I got big eyes that can see big offices real good.

Also, a white eyebrow.

You know what's wrong with the world today? Very small things, that's what. Little wrenches in big machines. Take them out, put them back in the wrench box, and incredible things happen between people, systems, and organizations. 

I make it my job to do the research, draw the blueprints, rally the forces, and invent creative solutions for little wrenches. Whether that calls for a goofy animated film, a new technology, a fierce banner ad en Español, or just a better spreadsheet - I am so on it.

Also, I think people should read more bikes and ride more books.

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the good videos from my repertoire

ten bucks says you don't know anyone in "Cratewarmers"

i like a lot of sci-fi paintings

me being professional

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