I didn't make any of this.

Don't read books, they're scary

Gus the Bus and Evelyn the Exquisite Checker, by Jack Lait

A heart-twisting artifact of the start of World War I, untouched since 1940.


Every Monday in 1916, readers of the Chicago Herald got a goofy anecdote about Gus, a heavily stereotyped German immigrant who worked in a restaurant. Gus spends most chapters chasing the sassy American tray checker Evelyn and nursing his homesickness. But reality starts to inform fiction in early 1917, as Evelyn and Gus turn into propagandists. Here's a line from page 338, as Gus has just enlisted:

"Maybe it's go be hard for me to shoot Chermans. I got in the kaiser's army plenny cuzzens and a brother or two left yet. But I couldn't help that. A country is a country, and Amerika she's mine country."

The book ends optimistically and abruptly three pages later.

It's just a little professional jealousy. 

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